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The report analyses the labour market policy reforms Member States have implemented. But converting information on these labour market reforms into quantitative terms — in order to produce statistics — has entailed some surprising reductions and simplifications. What empirical data did the Commission check in classifying labour market policies as described in this report? Does the report need to be reformulated in view of the evident political bias to be inferred in the information given therein?

For instance, reforms reducing labour costs are listed among those likely to increase employment employment-friendly. This is also not the first time the reform database employed in this analysis is used to assess the impact of labour market policies. This could provide the basis for declaring that the Spanish banking sector's actions in ordering evictions are unlawful. The aforementioned memorandum should not be used as a justification for evictions.

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The document refers only to the concept of foreclosures, and not to the foreclosure process itself, which should therefore comply with current legislation. The reform measures adopted by the Spanish Government are largely ineffective, because their requirements are too stringent and do nothing to improve the lot of most Spaniards. The Spanish Government has not acknowledged the negotiations publicly. What position has it adopted in its negotiations with the Spanish Government on the issue of foreclosures? Can the Commission provide information and forecasts concerning the actual impact of the reform, in terms of the number of foreclosures and the banks' mortgage exposure?

In line with the provisions of the memorandum of understanding on the Financial Assistance for the recapitalisation of financial institutions, Spanish authorities informed international partners about the proposed measures on evictions regarding any possible material impact on the achievement of the programme objectives.

Given the scope and nature of the measures, they are not expected to impact on the implementation of the programme or the achievement of its objectives in a material way. The agencies are accused of market manipulation, and their system for determining Member States' sovereign debt ratings is therefore being called into question. This ruling is the most recent addition to a series of accusations levelled against the main ratings agencies, and should, at the very least, raise questions about the reliability of their ratings methods.

Prosecutors are arguing that information that should have remained confidential was released when markets were open.

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The two ongoing investigations in Italy should set alarm bells ringing about the ratings mechanisms employed by the agencies. There is evidence to suggest that their actions have been very costly for Italy and other Member States affected by the sovereign debt crisis. Is the Commission following the investigation? In the event of a ruling against the agencies, does the Commission think that fraud investigations should be launched concerning other countries' sovereign debt ratings?

What measures will the Commission take if agencies have acted fraudulently to the detriment of countries affected by the sovereign debt crisis? To this end, the Commission will not preclude the outcome of any ongoing investigations with regard to credit rating agencies. Furthermore, it is up to the competent authorities, respectively national competent authorities for market abuse and insider dealing and ESMA for the CRA regulation, to take supervisory action where appropriate in view of its attributed competences.

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These new rules will also contribute to address the issues outlined by the Honourable Member. Respuesta de la Alta Representante y Vicepresidenta Sra. According to UN sources, the entry of the M23 guerrillas into the city of approximately one million inhabitants has caused part of the population to flee in fear of their lives and has been accompanied by the abduction of women and children. This is the first time that the M23 guerrilla rebels have entered the city of Goma since the official end of the war in , leading to fears of a possible resumption of hostilities.

It is alleged that the guerrillas are being supported and financed by Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda and, like most the M23 guerrillas, a Tutsi.


This international assistance is leading to the destabilisation of an area already greatly afflicted by violence. This fresh attack by the M23 guerrilla poses the threat of a full-scale resumption of fighting in the region. Although the war is officially over, the troubles have never fully ceased, as evidenced by the continued violations of human rights by armed groups in the area. The conflict has been fuelled by multinationals which export rare minerals such as coltan, of which the world's entire reserves are situated almost entirely in this region.

Worldwide demand for certain electronic devices depends on the supply of this rare mineral by multinationals operating legally or illegally in the area. Does she consider that it will be necessary to establish the degree of responsibility of Paul Kagame for the troubles? Does she have information concerning European companies with operations in the area, particularly those linked to the production and supply of coltan?

The EU supports the efforts of the international community and has deployed multiple contacts at all levels with the main stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the conflict in eastern DRC tackling both the regional and the DRC domestic roots of the crisis.

The EU reiterated on several occasions that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the DRC must be respected and that any support to the M23 is unacceptable. To our knowledge no EU company is directly involved in coltan production in the DRC and though coltan trafficking contributes to fund armed groups in the Kivus as well as other minerals, but also land, timber, charcoal, racketing , it is not central to its underlying causes. Selv om EU ikke er part i konventionen om beskyttelse af det enkelte menneske i forbindelse med elektronisk databehandling af personoplysninger konvention nr.

Since the beginning of the CoE works on the modernisation of the Council of Europe Convention , the Commission has been participating actively in the discussion, inter alia in order to ensure compatibility between the negotiated modernisation of Convention and the evolving EU data protection acquis. The Convention , which is open to accession by third countries, establishes general principles and rules in the field of data protection.

The scope of such rules may be affected or distorted where the international commitments fall within the scope of the common rules or in any event within an area largely covered by such rules. Menschen in Armut oder sozialer Ausgrenzung. In October, the Conference on Poverty revealed the ever-widening gap between the rich and poor in Austria. Austria pays a heavy price for the large number of people living in poverty, for example in the form of chronic illnesses, shorter life expectancy or poorer education. Is the Commission aware of this development in Austria and what is its position on this in the context of the current economic crisis in Europe?

What strategies does the Commission recommend to the countries of Central Europe to help them avoid a.

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The Commission is aware that income inequality in Austria has been on a relatively increasing trend in the last decade, while still considerably below EU average. Increasing inequality was, however, a trend already before the start of the financial and economic crisis. In spite of Austria's rather favourable overall performance regarding the labour market and most social inclusion indicators, almost 1. The ESF in Austria supports the labour market integration and social inclusion of groups at higher risk of poverty.

EUR-Lex - C/E/01 - GA - EUR-Lex

The Commission monitors developments in the area of poverty and social exclusion through the European Semester, as well as in the Social Protection Committee through cooperative exchanges with the Member States. The European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion brings together various policies that contribute to the reduction of poverty. The upcoming Social Investment Package sets out a new agenda for social policies to help Member States make the reforms necessary to emerge out of the crisis and become stronger, more cohesive and more competitive in the long run.

Die Lage junger Menschen in Europa wird immer dramatischer, wenn man die Arbeitslosenraten in dieser jungen Generation ansieht. The situation of young people in Europe seems to be getting more and more dramatic, if one looks at the unemployment rate of this young generation. Is the Commission aware of the drastic numbers of unemployed young Europeans?

If so, how does it intend to proceed in order to give these young Europeans a path to a professional future? As regards the Commission's response, including the recent Communication on. The cost estimate is based on the number of young people aged 15 to 29 who are not in employment, education or training. The study also gives a breakdown of the cost by individual Member State. Can the Commission quantify the scale of the cuts required to achieve the objectives of its industrial strategy? One of the four pillars of this Action Plan proposes actions aiming at improving market conditions through smart regulation, notably with a fitness-check of the type-approval legislation, a competitiveness proofing for the major legislative initiatives and exploring the possibility and added value of a proportionate economic analysis for some implementing acts of the vehicle legislation.

Although an analysis of the quantity of scale of cuts in red tape needed is not as such encompassed in the abovementioned initiatives, the issue of red tape is indeed addressed, as streamlined European legislation will impose less red tape for the automotive industry. The results of this study show that, on average, general sea levels have increased by 3. Other scientific studies, such as the one led by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, show that the rise in sea levels could therefore reach, or even exceed, one metre.

It would be wise to look into the accuracy of the results put forward by these new studies and the possible impact for these regions, which are often densely populated and are hubs of important economic activity. If these data are found to be accurate, does it intend to launch a consultation on the possible consequences of a rise in sea levels of up to one metre, or more, within the European Union? Does it intend to put in place support plans for the coastal regions most threatened by the rise in sea levels? The IPCC Assessment Reports review and assess the information produced worldwide relevant to climate change, and are the policy-making reference information about climate change causes and effects.

EU Climate Change policies, including on adaptation to sea level rise, will be framed upon new evidence from AR5 and relevant research afterwards. At a local level sea-level change can be very different from the global average. The EU Adaptation Strategy, to be adopted in spring , will aim to enhance the preparedness of the entire EU territory to respond to the impacts of climate change.. As from , the Commission has proposed that it becomes one of the key priorities of all relevant EU funding channels through a new principle stipulating that. Secondo questo protocollo N.

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Il Fiscal Compact costituisce inoltre un trattato di diritto internazionale, che non potrebbe modificare quanto previsto dall'articolo del TFUE, la cui modifica dovrebbe avvenire solamente a norma dell'articolo 48 del trattato sull'Unione europea TUE. La Commissione non condivide questa valutazione. In altri termini, e in linea con il testo del trattato, il valore di riferimento del disavanzo va inteso non come obiettivo, ma come limite da non superare nelle normali fluttuazioni del ciclo economico. These criteria were never changed, even after Lisbon. Regulations are acts of ordinary legislation and should therefore be subject to the treaties, in the same way in which the ordinary law of a state is subject to the Constitution.