Can i open microsoft word documents on a mac

Many Windows-based computers come with a version of Microsoft Word, the widely You can, however, open Word documents pn a Mac laptop or desktop.
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That's just selecting the file and hitting the spacebar. This is what I get here in Quick Look. It's not exactly the same at all.

It changes the formatting a lot. But if there's just basic information, and there are plenty of times when we get like three paragraphs of plain text in a Microsoft Word document, why they didn't just include this in the email as text I don't know, but it comes in Microsoft Word format and you can read it here using just Quick Look. Now at the same time you could also go in the Finder, I'm going to create a new Finder window here, and go to Desktop and there's the word doc.

So you do see it there as well.

How to import Microsoft Word documents into Apple Pages

Quick Look gives you a nice window version of that. You can scroll through it and see what's there. Another way you can view is Open With Preview. So you can drag and drop it onto Preview. You can use File Open in Preview. I'm going to Control click on it and choose Open With Preview. Then Preview allows me to view the document. I can't do much more with it but it's nice to have it open in an actual application here. I can actually Export it as PDF.

So if I want to pass it along, perhaps, I could pass it along in a good format rather than one people may not be able to access. Another way to do it is to open with TextEdit. Now TextEdit doesn't have the ability to display graphics and layout and stuff like Preview does.

Convert Pages documents to PDF, Microsoft Word, and more

So it's a lot more basic. Images aren't even included that's in this document. But it is editable text. So now maybe I can clean this up and pass it along in a standard format. So if you get a few paragraphs of text without any layout or anything then TextEdit is a good option. Now, of course, the heavy hitter is to open it up in Pages. If you open it up in Pages it's going to be able to do a lot of what Word can do. So you can end up with a document that looks very similar.

You get a little warning there that things may look different but in the case of this document it actually looks very much like the Word document. There's not that much that changes in here. So if you need to actually edit the document and you don't have Word at all this is probably your best bet.

It may make some changes but at least now you have a real document. You can make changes to it. You can insert images. You can move layout around and when you're done you can actually export it back to Word format. So that's a huge advantage for Pages.

Fix Word Not Opening on Mac

Now let's take a look at how these other documents fare. With this document here I'm going to open it up in Word. You can see here it's got lots of images and layout and things like that. So let's compare that to Quick Look. Press the Spacebar. You can see it really messes up a lot of it. But some of it's okay. So at least you can see the images and you can see some text. Opening it up in TextEdit, of course, is going to just give me some plain text.

It's actually going to kind of break things up trying to do a little bit with the table layout that's inside there.

But you can get to the text. So if that's what you wanted then TextEdit will accomplish that. If you open it up in Pages it's going to come pretty close. You can see how it even gets the top right. It really looks pretty good. You can kind of continue working on the document here in Pages. Now let's take a look at this resume here. So this looks great in Word. If I were to use the Spacebar to bring it up in Quick Look you can see it breaks it a lot. TextEdit is going to look pretty bad but I can still get to some of the text. Pages will actually make it look pretty nice. Notice this warning box here that we've been getting.

This will give you some idea of what might have changed. So you can see that some objects in tables cells were removed. There's a font that's missing. There's some headers and footers, and shapes and things that aren't there. Form components. There's a bunch of stuff but despite all that this doesn't look too much different from this.

You can get the general idea.

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Here are a few of them:. OpenOffice is a multi-platform and multilingual office suite that is compatible with all other major office suites meaning it will open and edit Word, Powerpoint documents etc. Best of all, its absolutely free to use.

How to open Word documents on Mac

Like OpenOffice, LibreOffice boasts a comprehensive set of office management tools arguably on par with Microsoft Office itself. Mostly importantly, however, it opens Word documents. LibreOffice offers six different office management tools to meet your project management needs: Looking for more options? Google now offers a full suite of apps, including Google Docs , Sheets , Slides , and Drawings , which could be the next great replacement for Microsoft Word, compatible with all OSes and based in the cloud. How to open Word documents on Mac.